Easy Online Loans: Fast Approval

Many of us may have thought over the distinctions between quick online and traditional bank loans while considering borrowing options. If this is the case for you, keep reading to find the answer to this pressing question: Easy online advances or traditional bank loans? Which one to choose?

Although conventional and internet lenders provide loans with similar arrangements, your experience as a borrower may be quite different.

A typical bank loan is tough to obtain. First, you must drive to the bank and present many financial documents, including copies of paystubs, bank statements, etc. The next stage involves hard pulls or evaluating the borrower’s credit history, which may take several days. Then, the bank gets back to you with a loan decision, informing you whether they can lend you money or not. Finally, if you do get approved, and agree with the terms, after signing a loan agreement, the bank will lend you the money within a few days.

Thus, the bad thing about bank lending is that after wasting so much time and effort, the bank may turn you down in the end. What’s more, hard credit checks performed by banks stay in your credit report for long, creating difficulties for getting credits in the future. 

On the other hand, borrowing online loans is considerably faster and easier. Moreover, as Internet lenders don’t carry out hard credit checks, your credit score won’t be harmed. Ahead is a lowdown on what these financial tools are and how they work so that you have a better understanding of what you’re getting while shopping around for easy online loans. 

What Are Easy Online Loans?

Internet loans enable industrious Americans to obtain money quickly. Going to the bank for a loan, the borrower usually wastes hours (or even days!) waiting to get authorized and receive money. You may request an online loan and obtain an acceptance decision promptly, frequently within hours or even minutes. You’ll also get your money soon. Whether you want to repay the loan in regular installments or a lump sum, you will find a good type of modern lending suitable for you.  

Getting Easy Online Loans from Emeraldslending

Do conductive research to find out whether or not these loans are the right choice for you. Then, when you do your homework and still favor the idea of requesting online cash, Emeraldslending will walk you through acquiring quick cash.

  1. Fill in the loan request: Emeraldslending offers a user-friendly platform that turns a loan requesting process into a piece of cake. You don’t need to be an Internet expert to fill out the request form —just provide the required information and submit it. However, be informed that sometimes, the lenders may require scanning of supporting documents (paystubs or bank statements).
  2. Shop around for the best rate: If you are qualified in minutes, don’t rush to sign an agreement, instead shop around for a better deal. Don’t forget that along with diverse requirements; the lenders also offer different terms.
  3. Sign an agreement: Following final approval for getting the required sum, the lender will provide you with a contract that includes all pertinent information such as payback terms, available amount, interest rates, potential consequences in the case of late or non-payment, and so on. However, we recognize that when borrowers need urgent cash, they frequently neglect to read the agreement all the way through, which results in surprise when the credit’s payback deadline arrives.
  4. Get your funds: Once you have signed an agreement, the requested money will be transferred into your bank account.
  5. Spend your loan reasonably: Though easy online advances can be used for various purposes and the lenders don’t track your spending, you should be careful not to waste them. In addition, these financial tools, like other loan kinds (mortgages, student loans, etc.), contain interest, and borrowers must be careful with every dollar borrowed, or they will wind up in debt. 

  Easy Online Loans: Fast Approval

Some Common Loan Terminology

While reading the loan agreement, you may encounter some lending terminology that you may not be familiar with. So, we have compiled a list of the most frequently used loan terms:

Interest Rate: The amount payable per period, expressed as a percentage of the borrowed amount, is an interest rate. The interest rates depend on the amount borrowed and the length of time it is lent, deposited, or borrowed.

APR: The yearly representation of your interest rate is an APR (Annual Percentage Rate). APRs can help you to compare various lending options. 

Origination Fee: A price charged by a lender to provide money. It’s worth mentioning that the lenders profit mainly from origination fees rather than interests. 

Co-Signer: A person liable to repay the credit the same way as you do is a co-signer. Your spouse, a parent, or a friend might all be co-signers. Unless both of you apply for the loan, the lender cannot force your spouse to be a co-signer.

Collateral: Something offered as a security for paying the borrowing back is collateral (it may be real estate, vehicle, equipment, jewelry, and so on). The lenders can seize the collateral in the case of credit default. 

Credit Default: A default is also known as an overdue debt. A consumer payment default is defined as more than 60 days of a delinquent debt.

Credit Score: A numerical expression that represents an individual’s creditworthiness based on a level study of their credit files is a credit score. A credit report generally determines a credit score obtained from credit agencies (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax).

Hard Credit Checks: A request to check your credit reports as part of the loan application process; that request is recorded as a hard inquiry on your credit reports and typically influences your credit scores.

Rollover: In general, refinancing or rolling over a payday advance entails paying a charge to postpone repayment. If you renew or rollover your credit instead of repaying it in full on the due date, you are paying a commission to prolong the due date. Paying only the fees to renew does not lessen the principal amount owed. 

Consolidation: The act of taking out a single credit to repay multiple loans is known as debt consolidation. 

4 Nos that Make Easy Online Loans Different

Apart from offering easy processing of the borrowing and high availability, taking out these financial tools is also beneficial as they presuppose:  

No hard credit checks

Getting easy online cash is harmless for your credit rating. As you already know, hard pulls negatively affect your credit score. 

No collateral

The borrowers don’t need to secure any pricey item against the borrowed sum. Thus, borrowers don’t risk losing their assets in case of credit default.

No origination fees

The online lending market is so diverse that you may always find a lender that won’t charge any origination fee for lending the required money. 

No co-signer

Online loans don’t assume having a cosigner to get approval. So you don’t have to ask your family members or friends to share the obligation of repaying the loan with you. Life is unexpected, and you never know what might happen.

Easy Online Loans & Bad Credit Score

One of the most significant advantages of online advances, if not the most essential, is that they may be available to people with all credit ratings. Online lenders don’t make loan decisions based on your previous payment obligations. Online lenders carry out soft pulls enabling people with some credit defaults to get quick assistance. But be informed that soft pulls are not translated into the absence of any checks. The lenders may use tools to verify the information you provide and review your current earnings, either salary or any income (pension, social payments, alimony, etc.). Note that though it may be possible to get online cash, the amount you get depends on your current financial status. After all, the lenders want to ensure you will pay the borrowed sum back. 

Two Popular Types of Online Loans

Before signing any loan agreement, you should be aware of the online lending options available. Keep on reading to learn about the two most popular types of easy online loans:

Personal Loans

Suppose you have to fund pricey expenditures, such as buying an engagement ring, fixing a car, making home renovations, consolidating your debts, etc. In that case, personal loans may be the right option. 

Personal loans can be an attractive way to fund a big purchase or get rid of a credit card or another high-interest debt. Terms are flexible, allowing you to create a monthly payment that fits your budget. But, of course, the longer the time, the smaller the monthly payment.

Personal loans require you to make fixed-amount payments over a predetermined period until the debt is fully repaid. Therefore, as compared to payday advances, personal loans have comparatively lower interest rates. 

Payday Advances

Payday advances have been the most discussed credit option in recent years. Though there is much controversy over these loans, it’s undeniable that in many situations, these lending instruments come in useful as answers to pressing financial needs.

Payday advances are short-term, small-amount lending options designed to provide you with immediate assistance when you need it the most. However, borrowers should keep in mind that these borrowings have high-interest rates and that the borrowed money should be repaid in a lump sum within a few weeks (as agreed upon in your agreement).

The critical point in requesting a payday advance is understanding all the lending terms, and rest assured that these online borrowings don’t double financial troubles. 

Reasons to getting Easy Online Loans on Emeraldslending

Here are the reasons why the borrowers prefer online borrowings to traditional ones:

Speed & Convenience

While conventional components of lending are essential (such as in-person transactions and meetings), we live in a world where speed and easiness are crucial and we don’t want to waste our time. Online lending allows you to finalize the process of submitting a request in less than five minutes. No multi-page documents, no hassle, no queues!


Another benefit of online lending is customization. With technology development, borrowers can get a customized experience from online lending. Online lending platforms and lenders work closely to customize a loan package that meets the borrowers’ financial needs. 

Easier Access

It’s not a secret that conventional lending companies are more selective. On the other hand, online lenders make credits accessible for people from all walks of society irrespective of their credit score, previous credit failures, and employment status.

Quick Decisions

Speed is everything when it comes to online lending, especially when you need it to tackle an emergent expense that cannot wait. You won’t have to wait long after processing your credit request on our website. Whether you are qualified or not, you will find out soon.

Fast Disbursal 

Fast disbursal of cash is another significant advantage of online lending. Once your request is approved, the lenders will directly deposit the requested amount into your bank account. 

Thus, convenience has taken on a whole new level with Emeraldslending. Borrowers expect comfy and straightforward procedures, want the flexibility of borrowing and 24-hour access and that’s exactly what our website is all about. 

The Bottom Line 

Nowadays, the online lending market is rapidly expanding, including more and more people. These people with short-term cash flow issues can avail themselves of online loans and enjoy the quick process of obtaining cash online. Our online lenders offer lending options with competitive rates, flexible terms, and various repayment options.

13 May, 2022